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Pros and cons to the different gaming platforms

Millions of people around the world routinely engage in video game play. Choice of gaming platform is a decision every gamer must make....

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How parents can approach raising gamers

Gaming is a popular activity across the globe. Studies have shown that more than one billion people across the globe play some type of...

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Security tips for online gamers

Online gaming is wildly popular, and growing more so by the minute. According to Limelight Networks' "The State of Online Gaming 2019"...

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Prevent common injuries while gaming

Gaming is a popular activity across the globe. WePC, a custom computer-building company, says there are more than 2.5 billion video gamers...

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The rise of online casinos

Technology has given people the opportunity to do many amazing things and made life more comfortable and convenient. Technology also can be...

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What are loot boxes?

Gaming might seem like an unlikely topic to find its way into political discourse, but that's precisely what happened in 2019 when American...

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